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Bear in the Big Blue House is a show produced by Shadow Projects and The Jim Henson Company. It is expected to air on Disney Junior the Channel in the future. It was on Playhouse Disney from October 20th, 1997 to September 25th, 2007. It aired on Playhouse Disney in Canada from November 30th, 2007 to May 6th, 2011. It aired on Disney Junior in Canada from May 6th, 2011. Since Disney Junior, Bear in the Big Blue House isn't currently anywhere to be seen. This show has had Columbia-Tristar Home Video do the VHS tapes and DVDs, they had Walt Disney Records do one of the 4 CDs, and they had Fisher-Price, Mattel, Nanco and even The Disney Store do the toys. In fact, I have a giant 29" Bear plush from The Disney Store. It was made in 2000. It is a rare find, and is no longer available in stores.






Pip & Pop

Ray the Sun

Luna the Moon

Grandma Flutter

Doc Hogg

Otto & Etta



Jacques the Beaver



There are too many songs to count. But the main ones are:

  1. Welcome to the Blue House
  2. What's That Smell?
  3. The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha
  4. Good Morning
  5. Brush Brush Bree
  6. Happy, Happy Birthday
  7. Baby, Baby
  8. Look at You Now
  9. When I'm Older
  10. Imagine That
  11. That's My Name
  12. Where oh Where is Shadow?
  13. Making Sense of the World
  14. Dear Grandma
  15. What's in the Mail Today?
  16. Rhythm in the Air
  17. The Otter Dancing School
  18. What's Mine Is Yours
  19. Why Can't the Dirt Just Leave Me Alone?
  20. Need a Little Help Today
  21. Clean Up the House
  22. Hello Doctor
  23. What Kind Of Mouse Am I?
  24. Love is Incredible
  25. Friends Forever
  26. Under Your Blanket
  27. Shadow's Lullaby
  28. Goodbye Song


Each episode has Bear and the others going on fun adventures. They like to sing, dance and have fun.